Employee portal

The employee portal is available on employees.utwente.nl after logging in with a staff member account. If you have visited the employee portal recently (and do not block cookies), a link to the employee portal is availble in the first section of utwente.nl:

Employees.utwente.nl contains links to web applications and other (self added) links. Besides that news and events or other announcements for employees are presented. News and events are personalised based on membership of departments or own subscriptions by interest. You can add other departments/faculties or buildings to receive their news. The main aim of the employee portal is to prevent segmentation and present all staff related information in one place, instead of sending different newsletters per department, faculty, UT central, etc.

Change your personal subscriptions

Go to your personal profile settings page via the cog icon. See image below. 

This page shows an overview of your personal profile details. Based on this profile, messages relevant to you will automatically be sent to your mailbox (every week or every month). To receive the information for your building, make sure your building/workplace is set in myhr.utwente.nl. You can set your preferred language (English/Dutch), e-mail frequency and additional subscriptions to news and events based on subject, building, sender and target group.

Submit news and events

  • Create a new item: To submit news and events for the employee portal see link to the submit form above the first news item on employees.utwente.nl. 
  • Existing item, forward to employees portal: If your news/event is already placed in the UT news/event system NEO, and you just want to add an additional publication location (like the employee portal or student portal), then:
    • If you have access to NEO in WebHare, open the news/event item, go to the 'publish' tab and the list of publish location, and reqest placing the item to another location there by clicking the request button.
    • If you do not have rights for NEO in WebHare, please contact the editors team: staff-news@utwente.nl

Contact information

Contact the editorial staff of the employee portal or the system administrator.

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