Communication materials and signing on campus (indoor/outdoor)


The faculties, service departments, educational programmes and institutes are keen to publicise events on campus or details of their own unit. The same applies to the University of Twente (UT) as a whole. The façades of buildings, banners and other publicity/communication options on campus can be used for this purpose. The layout of publicity/communication material must always be compliant with the university’s corporate identity. The Marketing & Communication department (hereinafter MC) bears ultimate responsibility for such matters: MC creates and assesses such publicity/communication material as a way of managing the university’s corporate identity and its implementation. This also helps to prevent the chaotic proliferation of publicity/communication material on our campus. Would you like to submit a request regarding publicity/communication material? If so, details of the procedure involved are given below.

1. Request procedure for new publicity/communication material

Phase 1: submission

Requests are submitted to MC via this application form. This form must completed in full, to ensure that MC has all the information needed to assess the request.

Phase 2: assessment

  • The request is assessed in three steps, based on established criteria (see below under heading 2)
  • If the publicity/communication material is found to be compliant with phase 1 criteria, assessment based on phase 2 criteria will commence. In the event of a conflict, the decisive factor will be the extent to which the publicity/communication material enhances UT’s profile.
  • Phase 3 criteria are used to establish the preconditions for technical communication.

Phase 3: feedback

The applicant receives feedback indicating whether their request has been approved or rejected, together with the reasons for this decision.

2. Criteria for requests concerning new publicity/cummunication material

Four parties are involved in this process: Campus & Facility Management, the architect (regarding aesthetics of the built environment), the municipality of Enschede and the Marketing & Communication department. The main precondition is the budget. Your request should clearly indicate whether or not a budget is available within your own unit. Details of the criteria applicable to requests concerning new publicity/communication material on campus are given below.

Phase 1 criteria: Marketing and Communication

Sender and message

  1. The building or structure to which the publicity/communication material is affixed must not be the sender of that material.
  2. The message must apply to, or originate from, the majority of UT’s population, and must contribute to the perception of a vibrant campus or to our High Tech Human Touch pay-off.
  3. The duration and importance of the message: outdoor banners are a special case and may only be used if this is warranted for communication purposes. Such instances could include short publicity campaigns to announce major events that are designed to reach a large population, or publicity/communication material that helps to enhance the University of Twente’s profile.


  1. The image projected by outdoor publicity banners and the campus must be compliant with our house style and identity, and must help to enhance our profile.
  2. Image and layout: a single glance must be sufficient to show that this is UT publicity/communication material. 
  3. The publicity/communication material must reflect people’s perceptions of the campus, as a way of fleshing out the vision of the campus.

Phase 2 criterion: architect and municipality of Enschede

  1. All publicity/communication material must be in line with the campus’s image. 

Phase 3 criteria: Marketing and Communication, technical communication

  1. The assessment covers text use, text size and distance with regard to visibility.
  2. The publicity/communication material must have an image that is visible both during the day and at night (if possible).
  3. The publicity/communication material must be sited at locations on campus that ensure its optimum use and visibility. These locations could include UT’s main entrance, the Boulevard, the O&O Square, etc.
  4. Outdoor publicity banners must be hung at a height and position that will ensure their optimum effectiveness.

General critera: Campus & Facility Management

All publicity/communication material must comply with Campus & Facility Management’s requirements regarding durability, sustainability, attachment, maintenance and safety. In addition, no publicity/communication material is permitted on the façades of UT buildings other than that for which the University Secretary has issued written permission.

Any final decisions regarding installation, design and publicity/communication rest with the Marketing & Communication department. See ‘Request procedure’

3. Installing material without permission

Anyone who attaches publicity/communication material to buildings or who installs it on campus, without first obtaining permission to do so, will be held accountable. Together, we will assess the publicity/communication material in question to determine whether it complies with policy – and may, therefore, remain where it is – or whether it should be removed. Any expenses arising from wrongful installation will be charged to the installer. This includes the cost of removal, any repair work, etc.

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