Brand Registration


A brand is an identifiable sign, design, symbol, name, term, or a combination thereof, used to distinguish the products or services of an organisation from others. It is a means to communicate the reputation, quality, and/or values of a product or service. A brand often creates an emotional connection with consumers and contributes to building loyalty and differentiating products or services.

When to register something as a brand?

A good brand name contributes to clarifying our identity and building trust in our organisation. To ensure that competitors cannot damage this, we at UT have registered several brands. On one hand, to protect our intellectual property, on the other hand, to maintain competitive advantage and differentiation. However, the decision to register a brand requires careful consideration and analysis. Below you will find the criteria and considerations that UT uses when deciding on brand registration and the process. Consider it as a transparent and consistent framework for managing and protecting our brand portfolio.


  • Brand owner: project leader or client. Often a director from the UT organisation.
  • Communication advisor linked to brand owner: has knowledge of the organisation, their goals, mission and vision.
  • Brand identity coordinator: coordinates the entire brand portfolio, monitors the process and contact with Arnold Siedsma. Keeps MT MC informed of applications. Does not have substantive background on brand registration/monitoring.
  • Arnold Siedsma: substantive advisor on brand registration/monitoring. External party. 

Preparation phase: what are our requirements for a UT brand name?

Involved roles: brand owner, any project members, CFM and communication advisor

  • Does the name fit the UT profile and our values?
  • Is the name understandable for both Dutch and English speakers?
  • Is the name not too confusing or similar to another name?
  • Google if the name already exists and in which segment this organisation operates.
  • Check if the name is already registered. Sometimes a name is registered but not actively used.
  • In which countries does this brand really need to be protected and why? What are you going to do with the brand there?
  • Which registration classes seem applicable?
  • Is there a budget to register a brand name or conduct in-depth research? And if so, what is the project number to which this can be allocated?
  • Check the name: is it descriptive? Then a brand registration is often rejected and you still have the costs of the application.
  • Is the name suitable for use in both online and offline communication channels? For example, we do not use "@" in the name because this causes issues when creating an email address.
  • Will I actually use the name/logo in communication materials? If not, there is a risk that the registration will lapse.
  • Does the name contain a faculty or (supporting) department? These are not accepted because these organisational names are subject to change.
  • Check if the name is already registered. Sometimes a name is registered but not actively used.

Elaboration: intake Arnold Siedsma

Involved roles: brand owner, communication advisor, brand identity coordinator and Arnold Siedsma.

Please note: each question or advice will be invoiced by Arnold Siedsma. Our brand registrations are applied for and managed by Arnold Siedsma. The contact person for Arnold Siedsma is the brand identity coordinator. Requests from the organisation come via this person and he/she ensures the correct follow-up towards the organisation/Arnold Siedsma.

Input is provided to the brand identity coordinator beforehand, who contacts Arnold Siedsma for a discussion. Arnold Siedsma performs a quick scan on the feasibility of the issue. Discussion with involved roles resulting in advice. Outcome could be:

  • Legal advice on names and logos and/or how to register them in the trademark register.
  • In-depth availability research at name level.
  • Setting up brand monitoring and advice on signals from this monitoring.
  • Advice on the registration categories to choose and the choice of countries.
  • Providing insight into the costs of brand registration/monitoring.
  • The decision to follow the advice lies with the brand owner.
  • Costs of brand registration and brand monitoring
  • The brand owner is responsible for the budget. 

There is no straightforward answer to the question of what a brand registration or brand monitoring costs. This depends on the choice of target countries and the number of registration categories.

A brand registration is a one-time invoice for a duration of 10 years. Brand monitoring is invoiced annually.

Implementation upon agreement on advice

Involved roles: Arnold Siedsma, brand owner, communication advisor and brand identity coordinator.

  • After approval from the brand owner, Arnold Siedsma mainly takes the lead.
  • Any additional questions will be coordinated via the brand identity coordinator, who contacts the person who can answer the question.
  • Process updates and planning also go via the brand identity coordinator.
  • The official documentation is kept by the brand owner.
  • Any stakeholder communication is done via the communication advisor or brand owner. 

Brand is approved: embedding in organisation

Involved roles: brand owner and communication advisor

  • The brand owner ensures financial settlement and informs the project number holder.
  • The brand owner ensures transfer in case of leaving UT.
  • The brand owner and communication advisor decide together whether to extend the registration if it still contributes to the brand.
  • For brand monitoring: Arnold Siedsma communicates signals to the project manager and immediately advises on feasibility.
  • The brand identity coordinator identifies and coordinates the overall brand portfolio.

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