Uploading video content

The University has a Vimeo Enterprise account for storing and sharing videos. To make it possible for all users to access their own video materials, the LISA department developed a portal for this purpose. You can upload and share video’s up to 2Gb. If you want to share larger video’s, you can send them via “surf filesender” to videoteam@utwente.nl.   


Go to https://video-portal.utwente.nl and login via your AD credentials. After login you get an overview similar like this: 

Via the “New video” button you can upload videos to the Vimeo portal. You can choose a local file and fill in the Title, Thumbnail, Description and privacy settings. These are according to the Vimeo privacy settings. More info can be found on the Vimeo help page here.

The most common settings 

Anybody – Allow anyone to see the video. 
Unlisted – The video is not public, but can be used via an url or embed code.
Password – The video can only be accessed via a password. 


Via the “>” button you can see the video details. Here you see the Link, the H5P link, etc.  

Link – This is the video link how you can address the video 

H5P link – The direct video link you can use for interactive content using H5P. More information about this can be found at the TELT page about H5P here 

Embed code – Can be used for creating a thumbnail link to the video. N.B. Embed code for Webhare only works with public videos 

Versions – Is to replace the video with a new version without changing the url or embed code 

Delete video – is for permanently deleting the video 

 Via the video details you have 3 tabs 

Privacy – Gives you an overview of the privacy settings to make sure you have right settings for the video

Stats – Gives a simple overview of the number of views, likes and comments.

Privacy settings

Gives you an overview of the privacy settings to make sure you have right settings for the video. Please check out this article which explains what each setting does.

Is subtitling required?

Yes. As an organization governed by public law, which serves the public interest and falls under the provisions of the General Administrative Law Act, the University of Twente must also comply with the Accessibility of Websites and Apps (Temporary Measures) Decree.

For more information go to the webpage accessibility requirements for video's on UT websites.

To submit your SRT-files, please send the SRT-files and the link(s) to the videos to videolecture@utwente.nl. We will manually add them to your videos.

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