Do-It-Yourself Podcast recording facilities

The video team offers A DIY STUDIO FACILITY for podcast recordings for UT members and UT students.

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The power of the podcast 

Many people do not like to read, but they do like to listen. This makes a podcast very suitable as a means of communication. A podcast can be used for many purposes: inspiration, information, opinion, education, or entertainment. In our DIY Studio 207 in the Spiegel building, we can accommodate up to 4 guests simultaneously. With our professional RØDE Podcaster Pro II audio mixer you can personalize your podcast with intros and tunes. 

  • Costs

    The services are free of charge for lecture purposes. 

  • Preparation

    We advise first-time users to have an intake meeting where we can discuss plans, script, and the number of podcasts that should be created and discuss publishing options.

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  • Manual Podcast
    Manual Podcast
  • Availability and booking

    The availability of the Podcast studio can be checked via this booking form.

    If using the Podcast studio for the first time, it is possible to ask for an intake during the booking process.  

  • Location

    The Podcast studio is located in the Spiegel building, room 207 (second floor). Location on Mazemap: 

Video team portfolio

Curious about UT podcasting? Check out the Video Team Portfolio.
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More information

For more information about making your own podcast, formats (like monologues, interviews, reports etc.), please take a look at the TELT website:

Solutions | Podcasts | Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (

Help! I need somebody.

Would you like some help with setting up your own podcast? Feel free to contact us or TELT and let's work something out together.

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All-round video services

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