Shaping our world with smart materials

The stone, bronze and iron ages owe their names to the materials that shaped them. Today, the challenges society faces - from healthcare and energy to digitalization and transport - call for an entirely new kind of material, with functionalities not yet found in the physical world. Materials that are lighter, cheaper, stronger, more versatile and easier to process and maintain than any we know. Materials that are more environment-friendly, more durable, more predictable in their behaviour and lifecycle. By manipulating the very building blocks of nature – atoms, molecules – we are creating those materials.

Examples of key domains

In this high-precision, high-potential field of materials science, the University of Twente is a research, education and valorization leader. Applying fundamental research across different disciplines using advanced computer modelling, our scientists participate in numerous prominent public-private partnerships with the aim of discovering how to make materials with the right functionalities and predictable properties. We operate in diverse domains, for example:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Biomedical materials
  • Engineering materials