Smart innovations in manufacturing are key to securing the welfare and wellbeing of society. Smart industry is the way forward for industry. The University of Twente supports companies in determining their 'smart industry needs'. And offers them several opportunities to stay at the competitive edge.

Why the University of Twente?

  • Integraded solutions

    The University of Twente offers various possibilities for cooperation with industry. Means of cooperation include:

    • Bachelor and master assignments: It is possible to let a student carry out a bachelor or master assignment for your company.
    • Post docs, EngD en PhD: In cooperation with companies, research assignments for post docs, EngD en PhD can be set up.
    • Guest lectures: Companies are invited to give a guest lecture and in that way bring their company to the attention of young professionals.
  • Facilities

    The University of Twente has state-of-the-art facilities that offer many opportunities for collaboration in the field of research and education.

    • Available facilities
      • Virtual Reality Lab
      • Rapid Prototyping lab
      • Mechanical and tribological testing lab
      • Energy lab
      • Supersone windtunnel
      • Design lab
      • Surgical robotics lab
    • Joint labs
      • Thermo Plastic Composites Research Center (TPRC)
      • Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente
  • A multidisciplinary approach

    The challenges faced are multidisciplinary. The real key to mature Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, we believe, lies in merging research areas. The University of Twente offers the necessary basis for research and innovation in the entire supply chain of the smart industry.

    Our cross-disciplinary way of thinking and working enables us to contribute to entirely new concepts and production ecosystems. 

  • Focus areas

    The University of Twente is a leading international player and go-to institute in the Netherlands in the growing field of Intelligent Manufactuting Systems. Our university excels in a number of domains and underlying scientific disciplines that are essential for further growth in this area:

    • (Predictive) maintenance
    • Intelligent manufacturing
    • Circular and sustainable production
    • Alternative business models
    • Digitalization, including industrial Internet of Things and (cyber) security