Research Themes

Creating intelligent manufacturing systems

From prehistoric time, finding new ways of creating products has been central to human existence. The depletion of earth’s resources is pushing us to reduce waste and transportation and to create a more circular economy. At the same time, consumers demand better, more affordable, personalized products, brought to them on-demand. Industries want efficient production, predictive maintenance, new materials, new business models. Formerly isolated factories and supply chains are merging into so-called Intelligent Manufacturing Systems that are changing the manufacturing industry beyond recognition.

Key disciplines

The University of Twente is a leading international player for cutting-edge research, education and valorization in this emerging field. Our university excels in key domains – along with all the underlying technical disciplines – that are vital to the field’s further growth:

  • production technology
  • ICT
  • supply chains
  • business modelling

A cross-disciplinary approach

The real key to mature Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, we believe, lies in merging these and other disciplines. At the UT, this cross-disciplinary way of thinking and working enables us to contribute to entirely new concepts and production ecosystems.