At ET, they are at the forefront of engineering research and education. They work on complex and pressing societal challenges and educate engineers and scientists of the future. The CUBE, a new multifunctional workshop of the Engineering Technology faculty, contributes to this. The CUBE consists of over 4,500m2 for education and replaces the current workshops in the Hangar and the Westhorst. The design of the CUBE is sustainable and transparent. It is a building where you feel at home, which makes you proud and inspires you!

The Cube breathes Engineering Technology. Upon entering, you look out over the 6-meter high metal and welding workshop. The floor is more than a meter sunk below ground level and you have a view of the entire space. Downstairs, teachers, students and researchers work on research and projects, outside you can see the landscape and above you there is an overhead crane. On the first floor, mainly objects are made with machines. On the second floor, assembly takes place, as well as model development. The second floor is set up for practical teaching. The CUBE is located between the Noordhorst and Kleinhorst. Construction will be completed in the second half of 2024. It will be a fantastic study and work environment and is a huge asset to ET and the UT campus.


The building conforms to environmental factors and "moves with" the sun and temperature rhythms of the days and seasons and requires little heating. The cool northeast and west facades face the environment and are transparent. The southeast and west facades are more closed to prevent heating. The wide nave with workshops and labs faces the transparent facade for maximum daylight. The narrower nave - which does not require daylight - on the more closed side.

The recessed workshop floor not only gives a unique appearance, it is also a sustainable choice. It reduces vibrations throughout the building and positively affects the indoor climate, due to the constant temperature (10 degrees) of the floor. The depth of 1.4 meters is optimal to take advantage of the benefits, without the drawbacks of groundwater problems, execution complexity and associated costs.

Timelapse construction site

Construction of the CUBE is in full swing. Curious about the construction work? Every two weeks here is a timelapse with images of the construction site. The images show the work of the last two weeks. You can also see images from previous periods.

Progress in june, part 2

Summary so far!

Origin of CUBE

To facilitate the increasing number of ET students, a temporary new workshop was built behind the Horst in 2018: the Hangar. Together with the Executive Board, it was decided at the time that at the same time preparations would also be made for a permanent solution to achieve one integral workshop. This has become the CUBE.

Atmospheric impression

Interior CUBE

Construction Site

During the construction process, the bike path, the Knepse, will be completely closed. From the Noordhorst to the Westhorst, the entire bike path and surrounding green space will be converted to construction site. Watch the overview of the construction site below.


Website contractor

Visit the contractor's website for an overview of the construction site indicator. This shows the amount of noise, construction site personnel and transport movements on a weekly basis. You will also find a form you can use to report anything they overlook.

Website contractor
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