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Financial audit and advice

Financial audit and advice

Project audits

An essential element of Internal Audit's duties is to audit the (interim) financial statements of research projects for external grant providers such as regional, provincial and national governments (including the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)) as well as European governments (including the Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and ERDF grant programmes). Internal Audit issues an audit statement or a report of factual findings on these financial statements.

Grant declarations to be audited should be reported to Internal Audit as soon as possible, so that audit procedures can be scheduled and carried out promptly. Depending on availability in the planning, these activities are performed by the Internal Audit department independently or outsourced to the external (in-house) accountant.

Project audits can be reported to her with the following information: OFI number, project name, grant programme, estimate of project costs to be reviewed, date project file ready for review and date of deadline for submitting the grant declaration. Periodic coordination takes place with each faculty concerning the project audits to be carried out and the related planning for the accountant's audit.

Contact person for project audits is Heike Spenkelink-Stockschlader (

drs. H.M. Spenkelink - Stockschlader (Heike)
Supporting Staff

Annual accounts audit

The audit of the (consolidated) annual accounts of the University of Twente is carried out by the external (in-house) accountant. The role of Internal Audit is limited to:

  • a coordinating role within the financial statements audit process in which Internal Audit supports the cooperation between the internal organisation and the external auditor.
  • the (pro)active monitoring of the implementation of the findings and observations from the management letter and the accountant’s report.