Dispersed Multiphase Flow

Within the field of dispersed multiphase flow we concentrate on condensing flow where we take into account the following phenomena:

- Droplet nucleation

- Droplet growth

- Droplet transport

- Compressibility

And we aim to give answers to the following research questions:

- What is the local droplet size distribution?

- What is the local flow field in terms of pressure, temperature and velocity?

Our research concentrates on mathematical, physical and numerical modelling of such flows. Various levels of approach are currently being employed:

- Kinetic Equation (KE) approach

- General Dynamic Equation (GDE) approach

- Method-of-Moments (MOM) approach

- Phase-Path-Analysis methods

- Accumulation of droplets in concentrated-vorticity flows

- Flows with multi-component condensation


- Supersonic Gas Conditioners

People involved

- Rob Hagmeijer (Engineering Fluid Dynamics)

- Edwin van der Weide (Engineering Fluid Dynamics)

- Kees Venner (Engineering Fluid Dynamics)

- Martin van Sint Annaland (Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering)

- Dennis van Putten (PhD-student)

- Xiaoke Ku (Post-Doc)

- Rostislav Dolganov (Post-Doc)


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