WRB is the application available for booking a project room. These rooms are located in various buildings (Bastille, Horsttoren, Ravelijn, Spiegel and Vrijhof). A room can be booked using the link listed below, the house rules (such as where to get the key) can vary per building.

How to book a room?

The link is:

Logging in can be done with your S-number. The operation procedure is easy.

At 1 Location, you enter:

How many persons must fit in the room you want

In which building you want a room

It is also possible to enter a room type or some equipment needed

Under ‘View filtered rooms’ it can be seen which rooms fit the criteria

At 2 Date the desired date must be chosen (the underlined data have rooms available)

At 3 Time the desired time must be entered

Click on Next

At 4 the rooms that fit the booking request are shown, and you are able to pick one.

Click on Next and Confirm Booking

You will receive a confirmation e-mail


Under My Bookings, you can check what you have reserved already.

Additional provisions

A student can book a room at most 2 weeks in advance

A student can book at most 2 rooms per week. If a booking in a week is passed, a new booking can be done

A quick check whether there are rooms available in e.g. the Vrijhof?

It is really easy to quickly check whether there are rooms available. This can be done as follows:

Go to MyTimeTable

Click on Location View

Click on Add timetable, Building and select e.g. Vrijhof

You will then see the availability of the diverse rooms. You can pick several views here, e.g. List by location or Availability