Where can i logon as an employee?

You can logon by using this link:

At what time does a student get an invitation?

Pre-applicants are transfered from OSIRIS to the StudyCheck System. Pre-applicants who who have at least 1 dutch prior education will be automatically registered into the StudyCheck system (this transfer runs once a day). Pre-applicants who only have a prior international education will be checked by our colleagues (admission office) to see if they are eligable.

If the are eligable (conditionally) they will receive a e-mail. This e-mail is also used as a trigger for their registration into the StudyCheck system. When they are registered in the StudyCheck system, the StudyCheck "users" are able to send out invitations (either automatic or manually) to the pre-applicants.

Request Authorization form

This form is meant for requesting access to the Studycheck system for yourself or a different UT employee. 

For security reasons this form should only be filled out by a head of a department.