Role names and descriptions

Role Name

Role Description

Departmental Coordinator

This is used most often by faculty employees. This gives access to incoming and outgoing student pipelines (processes).


As the name already implies, this is used by all BOZ employees.

International Officer

This is used by CES-SAS  employees who facilitate incoming students. This role only has acces to the incoming pipelines (processes).

Scholarship Officer

This is used by CES-SO&IR  employees who handle all things related to scholarships and/or staff mobility. They have acces to the outgoing student pipelines (processes) and both incoming and outgoing employee pipelines (processes).

Contract Manager

This role is solely used by employees who manage and update the agreements in Mobility-Online. they do not have access to any pipeline.

Read only staff

This role is for employees who need to get some information from Mobility-Online but do not work with the pipelines. They are unable to change anything in student/employee applications.

Student Services

This is a read-only role designed for student services in order to assist the student with any questions they might have.

Key user

As the name already implies, this role is used for key-users or faculty contactpersons. They have extra rights compared to most roles (e.g. they are able to do some textual changes in mail templates etc.). They also are able to see all pipelines in order to have the ability to assist their users with simple tasks and problems.

Administrator Customer

This role is able to build pipelines/workflows and is able to make some changes on a database level in Mobility-Online. This is used by BIM, in rare cases LISA  development or CES-SO&IR will be allowed this role as a temporary solution to build reports or create budget changes or make very technical changes.

Staff Mobility

If a UT staff member registers for a staff mobility, he / she will receive this additional role enabeling the staff member to complete his / her own application.


This role is used for our partner universities, who use our Mobility-Online system to nominate their students based on our contracts, which are maintained in Mobility-Online.