Do you wish to have more interaction with your students during a lecture? Do you want to know if your students understand what you’re explaining? Do you want a handy & user-friendly tool to start a discussion? Use Wooclap to involve your students more; both in live and distance learning.

About Wooclap

  • Getting started - How to log in

    WooClap is a stand-alone online application. It can be accessed via

    You can login by selecting the 'Sign in with you University" button (see image below). After clicking this button scroll down in the list of available Universities and select University of Twente. 

    Single-Sign on connection is made. Access is granted after this. 

    WooClap has a comprehensive list of beginner tutorials, they can be found here.

  • How to use Wooclap

    1. Create your questions (multiple-choice questions, polls, numerical value questions, matching, word clouds, etc.)
    2. Launch your question and invite your learners to connect to the URL displayed on the screen.
    3. Collect real-time answers from your learners and interact with them based on the answers.

    The user guide can walk you through the main features of Wooclap:

    You will be able to find lots of explanatory info in the FAQ section of the website too.
    And on their youtube channel, you can find simple and helpful tutorials.  

    These short videos on live distance learning & asynchronous distance learning explain to you how to use the platform for distance learning.

  • Integrate WooClap with PowerPoint

    Wooclap works together with PowerPoint. This enables you to add the quizzes to your PowerPoint presentation without the need to open a separate tool. 
    It's possible to add the PowerPoint to the Wooclap-website or add Wooclap quizzes to your Powerpoint using an add-in. 

    More information can be found on the WooClap help pages.

  • FAQ

    Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. More information can be found on the Wooclap support page

    I can't log in to Wooclap: 

    Wooclap is linked to your Utwente account. 
    The most common way is to go to and use the "Log in with your institution" option. Just search for 'University of Twente".
    If you have issues with selecting our university, you can use the "sign in with Microsoft" option and fill in your UT credentials. 

    I want to share an event with a colleague:

    A Wooclap can be shared with others by allowing them to duplicate. 
    Here is how (link to Wooclap help page)

    The Wooclap Powerpoint add-in is not working:

    One of the benefits of Wooclap is the integration with Powerpoint. Just by adding the Wooclap add-in, you are able to add questions to your Powerpoint presentation. 
    This add-in functions with Office 365 only.
    If you have issues with the add-in, please check if you run Office 365 in the first place. Then also check if this occurs on other laptops with the same event and Powerpoint. 
    Please contact us via if problems persist. 

  • Support

    Wooclap has a comprehensive FAQ on its on site. Click here to visit the Wooclap support page.

    If you have further questions you can contact us via

SendSteps and Wooclap

Wooclap is the successor of SendSteps. SendSteps is no longer supported by the University of Twente. More details about SendSteps can be found here.