Portfolio - General info

UT Portfolio tool

The Portfolio tool is located at portfolio.utwente.nl. It can be used to track student progress throughout their entire programme. It was developed at the UT for tracking professional skills-based assignments.

General information

The portfolio is set up per cohort of students. They can be linked to Topics and given Assignments. The student products are handed in through the portfolio and tracked and graded within the application.

The video below (in Dutch) gives an overview of the functionalities:

The system is based on the following roles:

Coordinator: The person who manages the portfolio. The coordinator can create topics, create portfolios, define portfolio groups, and create assignments. There can be more than one coordinator per programme.

Examiner: The examiner receives the submitted products in their environment and can grade and provide feedback. Examiners can see everything in the specific portfolio or only see products from a specific topic or assignment (this can be set by the Coordinator).

Student: The person who can hand in products related to assignments. The portfolio can also be set to allow open products (allowing students to build their own portfolios).

Evaluator: A person who is invited by a student to provide feedback on a specific product.

Auditor: A role with read-only access to all products in a cohort.


The portfolio is structured as follows:


If you’d like to know more about how to use the Portfolio for your prograame, see the TELT website.
If you have any questions or need support, please email portfolio@utwente.nl.

ICT in education

The Portfolio is one of the many tools offered for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT). On the TELT website, you can find more information about the Portfolio and other ICT in education tools.