Automated processing of multiple choice exams

Automated processing

The University of Twente offers a service for automated processing and grading of multiple choice exams. The exam forms are scanned and analyzed using the software programme ConTest.

ConTest screenshot

Forms and workflow

You can use two different forms for automated scanning with ConTest. These forms can be downloaded below. These forms should be printed only. Do not photocopy. Even small quality degradations can cause the forms to become unreadable by the scanner.

Only use one of the two answer sheets for your exam. The answer sheets cannot be used interchangeably.

Please note: If multiple exams are combined in one sitting, make sure the students use a separate form for each exam.

Students can only mark one correct answer per question. It is currently not possible to create multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer.

When you hand in the exam for processing (see below for the process), please include the following:

  1. 1x completed Examination Processing Form
  2. 1x Answer form containing the correct answers (student number=0000000)
  3. The students’ answer forms (one per student)


Please note change in address! The exams and forms need to be delivered to the Examinations Office, Citadel H4.01. Do not use internal mail. Please deliver the forms to the Examinations Office for your faculty. Processing takes three business days. For shorter turnaround times, please contact the Examinations Office.


You can receive four possible reports after processing:

More information about interpreting assessment reports is available on the CELT assessment website.

For more information about examination processing, see the tentamenbureau website. You can also email us at