CombinE Learning and earning

The two-year post-MSc programmes of the University of Twente can be your passport to a successful career in industry or business.

If you are accepted into one of the PDEng programmes, you are appointed as a trainee for the duration of 24 months and receive a salary, either from the University or from the company you're employed at. In both cases you'll combine learning and earning throughout the programme. 


The salary will be € 1.970 gross per month. Additionally the University of Twente provides excellent facilities for professional and personal development, a holiday allowance and an end-of-year bonus.

Because you will be employed at the University and you receive a salary, there are no scholarships available.


In case you will be employed at a company during the PDEng track, the company is responsible for your working conditions, salary, visa, insurances etcetera.

This means the salary and conditions can vary from the conditions and salary paid by the University of Twente.


Many of our graduated PDEng trainees joined the company at which they carried out their design assignment and now fulfil management positions.

You can still opt for a PhD programme after you've finished the PDEng design project. If there is an open PhD positions, in this case you are entitled to 15 EC exemption on either generic or discipline subjects.