Testimonials PDEng Civil Engineering

Fatemeh Mahmoudi

Hi, my name is Fatemeh and have taken the PDEng programme in Civil Engineering. After my MSc “Geo-information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling” at the faculty ITC, I chose to take a PDEng programme because I like to have a job in industry rather than in academia. Therefore it is interesting for that this post master education leads graduates to the industry.


The title of my project was ““Develop/improve a safer moling or ground piercing method for fiber to the home installation”. In my project, the company Fiber4all -which provides houses with fiberglass- used a tool which is called racket. Through using this tool instead of digging up the gardens of clients they make a hole underground for new connections. Even though using this tool is easy and convenient, sometimes the racket hits other underground networks which is dangerous. Also the repair of these networks is costly and takes time. In this project I am looking for the main causes of this damage and finding a proper solution to prevent them.


What I liked the most about this program is dealing with a real problem and finding a practical solution for it. We learned to analyse the problem and find a creative and practical solution for it, while during a master programme the project might end up with a theoretical solution.

Niels Vossebeld

“What I like the most about the programme is the tailor made character of it. There is a lot of freedom in choices for all parties.

Another big advantage - compared to a PhD - is that the PDEng programme is shorter. In addition I think it better fits to my pragmatic mind set.

Of course I could choose for a regular job or a traineeship in the professional field after obtaining my Master’s degree, but the PDEng attracts me because of the knowledge based approach. With the knowledge obtained I can distinguish myself."