Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Projects in the field of civil engineering are becoming more and more complex. On the one hand, the spectrum of potential technical solutions is becoming ever wider thanks to technological innovations. On the other hand, the context of these projects is also becoming very complex. Consider for example an urbanised area with many – and often conflicting – constraints from a management or administrative perspective.

Because of this increasing complexity, the market requires highly qualified civil engineering designers who are experts in the various technical and non-technical aspects of conflicting issues. Furthermore, the market requires employees who are skilled in working in a multidisciplinary design team and knows how to approach complex issues and arrive at practical solutions.

EngD programme in Civil Engineering

The purpose of the EngD programme is to educate trainees who will be the 'new employees' in the field of civil engineering. The programme focuses on solving design issues within the main themes of water management, transport engineering and construction engineering.

During the programme, you transfer results into technological innovation in industry and society. Examples of design issues include the accessibility of urban areas, high-quality public transport, risk management, flood protection under the influence of climate change, urban renewal, asset management for infrastructure or complex buildings (e.g. hospitals), underground construction, multifunctional land use, etc.

Employers of graduates of this EngD programme are often the organizations were the trainees do their design assignments. The branches of these organizations vary from government to engineers of consultants and contractors. Furthermore, large research institutes can be clients for design orientated issues and therefore an employer of EngD graduates.

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