Hora finita for PhD researchers

Hora Finita is used by doctoral candidates at the University of Twente during the entire PhD proces, from initial registration to approval of the PhD manuscript. 
All personal data, progress, courses followed, etc. are registered in Hora Finita.

Each PhD candidate has a personalised Dashboard, presented after logging in, from which all necessary actions can be executed.

The system will also send out e-mails at pivotal stages of the research and graduation phases, to remind candidates to fill out additional information, request feedback, plan the public defence ceremony etc. Every call-to-action email includes a .zip file including detailed instructions and screen captures showing what has to be done. If forms have to be filled in, they will be attached to the emails.  However, those forms are also available here

Please follow this link for detailed workflow diagrams explaining all the PhD trajectory steps and the person (or entity) who is responsible to perform each task.