Courses and workshops

Courses and workshops

The curriculum of the course will be organized along the following topics. The topics are only indicative and not exhaustive.

  • History of Science and Publishing (HB)
  • Science and its environment (HV)
  • Competition in Science (HB)
  • Governance, funding and performance (HV)
  • Finding grants and their requirements (HB)
  • Data management (HB)
  • Project Management: manage your research (HV)

These topics will be discussed to enable students to interpret what happens from a managerial point view.

Course leader: Hans Vossensteyn
Course teachers: Hans Vossensteyn, Hanneke Becht

Aims of the course

The purpose of this course is to help Research Honours MSc students and PhD candidates to understand what science is about, how it works, how it is organized and what this means for their personal research.

Researchers need to be able to identify processes they are involved in. These processes include, but are not limited to, the production and transfer of knowledge. In addition, the course provides students a sense for the wider environment in which they operate, how they and their groups are evaluated and funded. The course provides students and PhD candidates an idea of how to manage their research process and their careers in science.

Study load                     

2 EC

Required materials     

Literature will made available through Blackboard site. Prepare in advance.

Instructional mode

Tutorials (6 in total, covering 2 lecturing days, including presentations).

Date, time and place

  • April 2017, (all day) building Ravelijn
  • April 2017, (morning) building Cubicus
  • April 2017, (morning) presentations in building Ravelijn

Examination methods

Presentation of how a student manages his/her research project; addressing the main topics of the lectures.

Please note: in case of cancellation at the last moment, we are forced to send an invoice with the costs to the department of your faculty.

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