The University of Twente offers a pre-master programme in Technical Medicine for Dutch-Speaking students with limited deficiencies.

Technical medicine

The master's programme integrates the medical and technical domains. In this programme, you will become a professional with a unique technical-medical perspective and the ability to develop innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions for your patients. As a technical physician you will be the linking pin between medicine and technology. Throughout the programme you will learn how to apply existing technology in innovative ways to optimize diagnosis and treatment of patients.

deficiency in technology

This pre-master programme is designed for students with a background in (bio)medical studies, (such as Medicine/'Geneeskunde' or Kinesiology/'Bewegingswetenschappen') who have a solid base of knowledge in the field of medicine, but where technical knowledge is lacking. A solid base of knowledge in medicine includes knowledge of and insight into the functioning of the human body (anatomy, physiology, and key concepts of pathology). Furthermore, students need to have advanced mathematics skills (for Dutch students: ‘wiskunde B’ at VWO level). For more information about the non-Dutch equivalents to Dutch diploma requirements, check our webpage about admission.

Study programme

The pre-master programme consists of 4 modules, each containing 15 EC. Each module contains fixed components as well as a number of individual components that will be filled in based on which area of knowledge is lacking.

The fixed part of the programme contains a math and technology track and a project track. The purpose of this part of the programme is to bridge the gap between knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics and technology. Additionally, students will learn an technical medical approach of thinking and problem solving.

In the individual part of the programme students study topics like research skills (statistics, epidemiology), communication and professional behaviour, health law, ethics, and missing subjects within the field of medicine. 

The modules:

  • Module 1: Biomaterials
  • Module 2: Medical Imaging
  • Module 3: Signals, regulatory systems and modelling
  • Module 4: Bachelor final assignment (together with the regular bachelor students in Technical Medicine)

deficiency in medicine

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a technological field and that have already studied a few medical subjects (e.g. students with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Technology of the University of Twente that have completed two Technical Medicine modules as minor) may be considered for admission to the pre-master’s programme. Per student, a custom programme will be made.

The maximum duration of a pre-master’s programme is one year; the maximum study load is 60 EC. Students with more than 60 EC deficiencies will not be accepted for a pre-master. All pre-master programmes start in September.

Study load

Do you want to participate in one of hese pre-master programmes? Then be prepared for an intense year with a high study load (42 hours per week). An independent and self-regulating attitude towards your study is required.

Inflow of students

Inflow of students for September 2018: minimum of 6 students, maximum of 12 pre-master students per programme.


For entry to the Technical Medicine pre-master programme, you can enrol via this webpage.

Admission Board

Do you think you are admissible for one of the pre-master programmes? But do you still expect to be admissible for the pre-master? Your eligibility for enrolment will be assessed by the admission board. For this, make an overview of your study programme including descriptions of the courses you followed. Also include any other relevant courses or programmes you participated in. Remember that you need to have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. Send this information to

More information

If you want to know more about the structure and content of the master programme in Technical Medicine, please check the website. If you want to get a better impression of the master Technical Medicine, try being a student for a day.

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Questions and contact

If you have any further questions about the programme, or if you want to make an appointment with one of the study advisors, please send an e-mail to:

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