The pre-master’s programme in technical medicine is a transfer and bridging programme in which you will gain the knowledge and skills needed for successful participation in the master’s programme. After successful completion of the pre-master, you’ll be granted admission to the MSc programme in Technical Medicine.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a (bio)medical or technological field may be considered for admission to the pre-master’s programme. (Near) native speaking of Dutch is required. The Pre-master Admission Committee will decide on admission.

Deficiency in technology

Every year in September a one-year pre-master’s programme starts for students with a Bachelor’s degree in a (bio)medical field, especially for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine. This pre-master’s programme focuses on mathematics, technology and technical-medical application. It consists of four modules of 15 EC:

  • module 1: biomaterials
  • module 2: medical imaging
  • module 3: signals and regulatory systems
  • module 4: bachelor final assignment (together with the regular bachelor students in Technical Medicine)

Deficiency in medicine

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a technological field and that have already studied a few medical subjects (e.g. students with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Technology of the University of Twente that have completed two Technical Medicine modules as minor) may also be considered for admission to a pre-master’s programme. Per student, a custom programme will be made.

The maximum duration of a pre-master’s programme is one year; the maximum study load is 60EC. Students with more than 60 EC deficiencies will not be accepted for a pre-master. All pre-master programmes start in September.


Find out more about the admission requirements and the application procedure. You may contact the study advisors of Technical Medicine for further questions:

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