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As a graduate of the Master’s in Spatial Engineering, you will most likely launch a career working on large-scale projects in international, multicultural and interdisciplinary teams. You could find employment as a spatial engineer, project manager, consultant, or researcher, to name a few of your options. You could also continue with a PhD programme after graduation. Are you a real entrepreneur? You could start up your own business, like some of our former students did!

Type of degree

When you have completed this Master’s, you will receive a Master’s degree in Spatial Engineering. Also, you can title yourself Master of Science (MSc.).

Job opportunities

With a Master’s degree in Spatial Engineering, your job opportunities are nearly endless. With the increasing availability of spatial data and innovations in technologies for spatial data collection and analysis, the demand for spatial engineers continues to grow extensively.

Your expert knowledge and skills as well as creativity and ability to think outside the box makes you exceedingly versatile and adaptive. In your future career, you could get involved in water management, infrastructure and planning, the development of renewable energy, environmental remote sensing, agriculture and nature conservation, socio-spatial inequality, meteorology, architecture and many other exciting fields.

UT alumni with a Master’s degree in Spatial Engineering work in various positions and organisations. For example:

  • Assistant Project Lead at Geoconsult
  • Forest Information System Officer at UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use
  • Process Consultant at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat in Dutch)
  • Research Assistant at the Aerospace Information Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Examples of jobs you could fulfil include spatial engineer, GIS analyst or manager, project manager, consultant or researcher. You could work for a broad range of (international) organisations, varying from large NGO’s to governments from consultancy agencies to research institutes.

Organisations that will be highly interested in your expertise (and who even supported the development of this Master’s programme) include the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, consultancy agency Nelen & Schuursmans, The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Red Cross Red Cresent Climate Centre, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and engineering consultancy company SWECO.

Start a business

Do you have a great business idea? At the University of Twente, you can turn it into reality! At UT, we highly encourage entrepreneurship. In fact, UT has been voted the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands four times in a row. We have a unique approach of putting scientific knowledge to practical use and turning our expertise and yours into solutions that people and society actually need. As a catalyst for meaningful entrepreneurship, we offer you the Novel-T foundation and the start-up hub on campus. 

Former students have gone before you. For example, a group of Spatial Engineering students started up the project Brineys during their Master’s, aimed to reduce water scarcity by producing drinking water for Kenya and selling the extracted salt in the Netherlands. One of our other students started up Deamat, an online shopping platform that connects Ethiopian farmers with consumers, without any interference from a third party. Will you be next in starting up your own project or business?

Continue as a researcher: obtain a PhD

Instead of pursuing a professional career right away after obtaining your Master’s degree, you can opt to follow a PhD programme at Twente Graduate School (TGS) or anywhere else in the world. This involves spending four years studying a particular research area in-depth at a research institute of a university. Obtaining your PhD earns you the title of Doctor (Dr).

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