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At the start of your Master’s in Robotics, you need to choose a specialisation. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise. Together with the choice of your profile, the specialisation you choose determines part of the courses you will take and the type of research you will engage in during your master’s thesis. The Master’s in Robotics offers three specialisations. 

Mechatronics and Physical AI

Mechatronics and Physical AI is all about combining mechatronics and control engineering to enable a robotic system to make the right movements in relation to the people or objects around it.  

Algorithms and Software AI

Algorithms and Software AI centres on the intelligence inside a robotic system and its ability to convert external signals into autonomous, relevant decisions.

Human-Robot Interaction and Social AI

Human-Robot Interaction and Social AI centres on how a robotic system fits in with people in social settings in terms of communication, movement, acceptance and trust.  

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