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As a bachelor's student from a university of applied science (HBO), you need to follow a pre-master's first.

You may be considered for admission if you have a certificate from a related technical bachelor’s at a university of applied sciences (HBO). You can only enter the Master's in Psychology after you have met the requirements of the Pre-Master's. The purpose of the Pre-Master's is to bring your knowledge up to the required level. The Pre-Master’s has a study load of 45 EC.

Admission requirements

Whether you might be admitted to the (Pre-)Master's, depends on your previous education. The Pre-Master’s for the specialisations in CRS, HPT, EP and HFE is only open to students with a degree in a related field from a university of applied sciences. Below, you can find a selection of HBO bachelor's that fits one of the specialisations. 

  • HBO related programmes
    • A Bachelor's in Applied Psychology gives you access to the specialisations in LS, HPT, HFE and CRS
    • A Bachelor's in Creative Therapy gives you access to the specialisation in HPT
    • A Bachelor's in Forensic sciences gives you access to the specialisation in CRS
    • A Bachelor's in Nursing gives you access to the specialisation in HPT
    • A Bachelor's in Pedagogy gives you access to the specialisations in LS and HPT
    • A Bachelor's in Physical Therapy gives you access to the specialisation in HPT
    • A Bachelor's in Safety & Security Management Studies gives you access to the specialisation in CRS
    • A Bachelor's in Social Pedagogy gives you access to the specialisation in HPT
    • A Bachelor's in Social Work and Services gives you access to the specialisation in HPT and CRS 
    • A Bachelor's in Teacher Training College gives you access to the specialisation in LS

    You must have obtained your HBO diploma no longer than ten years ago.

Different educational background?

Do you have a degree that is not listed above and do you want to know whether it qualifies as a ‘Psychology-related field’? Get in contact with our Psychology Admissions Committee by sending an email, with the following information on your previous education:


After completing your HBO bachelor's and the Pre-Master's, you can start your Master's in Psychology in February or SeptemberThe Pre-Master's starts every September. Keep an eye on the application deadline and check them prior to your application. However, the deadline depends on the route you chose. For following the Pre-Master's during your HBO bachelor's – the so-called transfer minor – the deadline is earlier than the deadline when you wish to follow the Pre-Master's after the HBO programme

During or after HBO

You have the option to follow part of the Pre-Master's (45 EC) during your current HBO bachelor's within a transfer minor. In that case, you can fit 30 EC within your bachelor's, and continue with the other 15 EC after completing your bachelor's. It's an option worth considering as it saves you time and money, as you already pay tuition fees for your bachelor's. A second option is to first get your bachelor's degree and then transfer to this Master's via the Pre-Master's. 

The Master’s in Psychology was a perfect fit. I received plenty of support during my pre-master's and the transition to university. if you're looking for more in-depth education after your college degree, just do it!

Do I need to apply for the Pre-Master's?

You don't need to apply for the Pre-Master's directly. You apply by signing up for this Master's. UT will alter this to a Pre-Master's registration. Once you are admitted, you get access to the Pre-Master's automatically.

Start your application

How you apply, depends on whether you take the Pre-Master's during or after your HBO bachelor's. If you take (part of) the Pre-Master's during your bachelor's, you apply for a transfer minor via the Kies op Maat website. If you decide to do the Pre-Master's after completing your bachelor's, you apply via Studielink.

Follow the Pre-Master’s during your minor?
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Follow the Pre-master's after your HBO bachelor's? Start here!

Didn't graduate yet?

You may be admitted to the Pre-Master's on the condition that you still have to pass. Therefore, you can start up your application even though you have not yet completed your HBO bachelor's. You may be granted conditional acceptance based on your transcripts, detailed curriculum information, relevant research and expected graduation date. To finally be enrolled in the (Pre-)Master's, you do need to submit your bachelor's degree, once you have obtained this. 

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