Programme overview

CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social sciences
Programme start and application deadline
Programme start
1 September 2021
1 September 2022
1 September 2023
Admission deadline
1 July 2021 (EU)
1 May 2021 (non-EU)
1 July 2022 (EU)
1 May 2022 (non-EU)
1 July 2023 (EU)
1 May 2023 (non-EU)
Admission requirements
Academic degree
Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Psychology, Architecture and Construction Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences, Bedrijfskunde, Bestuurskunde/Overheidsmanagement, Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek, Biology & Medical Laboratory Research, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Technology, Bouwkunde, Bouwtechnische Bedrijfskunde, Business Administration, Business Information Technology, Business Management Studies, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Science & Engineering, Chemie, Chemische Technologie, Chemistry, Civiele Techniek, Civil Engineering, Communication Science, Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Construction Management, Creative Media and Game Technologies, Creative Technology, Educational Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Elektrotechniek, Engineering Physics, Environmental Sciences, Fashion and Textile Technologies, Health Care Technology, Health Sciences, Industrial Design, Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Industrieel Product Ontwerpen, Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, International Business Administration, Management, Society & Technology, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Milieukunde, Psychology, Public Administration, Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling, Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management, Technical Computer Science, Technical Medicine, Technische Bedrijfskunde, Technische Informatica, Technische Natuurkunde, Toegepaste Psychologie, University College Twente (ATLAS), Urban and Regional Planning, Werktuigbouwkunde
Knowledge Minimum
Sufficient proficiency in English. Minimal IELTS: 6.5, minimal TOEFL iBT: 90.
Previous Education
We ask students to complete an academic skills test. Students will receive the test after handing in their online application form.

Prospective students should have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in:

- (Applied) Natural Sciences, Engineering Science,
- Social Science,
- Philosophy,

Or: Any other discipline, with an emphasis on the exactnatural sciences, or social sciences or technology and a focus on the application of technology in a particular professional area or on technical interventions in social systems.
Knowledge Minimum
Good writing skills / Computer skills.
Tuition fees
Full period 2020 / 2021
full-time, institutional
€ 12.250
full-time, non-EU/EER
€ 12.250
full-time, statutory
€ 2.083
part-time, statutory
€ 1.523
Tuition fees
Full period 2021 / 2022
full-time, institutional
€ 11.416
full-time, non-EU/EER
€ 11.416
full-time, statutory
€ 1.084
part-time, statutory
€ 793
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