Why Pilosophy of Science, Technology and Soceity at the University of Twente?

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PSTS is the world’s only two-year, English-taught Master’s programme in the philosophy of technology. Among all programmes focusing on the role of technology and society, PSTS is the only one offering you a genuinely philosophical approach to the subject matter.

Excellent, acclaimed research staff

The University of Twente's Philosophy research department has been ranked among the nation's best by the QANU quality assurance agency. Scoring 18 out of a possible 20 points, the University of Twente ranked second out of all eighteen programmes assessed, and first among the philosophy research programmes with a practical orientation. 

Combination of high tech and human touch

The University of Twente is an ideal location for this programme: it is a university of technology that believes in the importance not only of developing of new technologies, but also of diligent reflection on its possible impact on our society and culture. The relationships between science, technology and society are complex, which makes them fascinating and worthy of careful study. The University of Twente differs from other universities in its focus on bringing together technological sciences, social sciences and humanities come together. PSTS has a prominent place in our university’s educational profile, as you can tell from our tagline, High tech, human touch

International orientation

PSTS has a strong international orientation. All courses are taught in English and many of our lecturers come from abroad. The programme attracts students from all over the world. As a student you will have the opportunity to spend the second year of the programme, or part of it, at one of our international partner universities. This international experience gives you the opportunity to improve your communication and practical skills, and learn more about other cultures and societies

Ethics and Technology PhD programme

The University of Twente’s Graduate School offers a growing number of integrated Master’s-PhD programmes for talented students aspiring to a career in scientific research. If you are admitted to the Twente Graduate School, you will specialize in your preferred area of research during the Master’s phase and you can start to focus on the topic you have in mind for your PhD dissertation. This approach eases the transition into PhD research. If you are a PSTS student considering a career in research, you may want to consider the Ethics and Technology 4TU programme. 

Individual attention and low student-teacher ratio

In addition to traditional lectures and close supervision from our excellent research staff, you will also receive instruction in small groups, tutorials and labs. At the UT, we believe contact-intensive instruction in small groups is of paramount importance for the development of your professional, academic and personal skills. You will carry out assignments in small groups, learn how to work in teams and become adept at recognizing and fulfilling your specific role in a group project.

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