Career prospects

A Master’s degree in Nanotechnology gives you a wide range of career options. You will be making a very smart move by upgrading your Bachelor’s studies in Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or any other relevant subject with a Master’s in the cutting-edge field of nanotechnology

PhD programme

Many of our graduates go on to study for a PhD, with opportunities right here at the UT’s MESA+ research institute but also throughout the world. You will conduct independent research for a number of years under the supervision of a senior researcher within a research group, culminating in the public defence of your PhD dissertation.

Commercial research and development

As an academic field in its own right, nanotechnology has only come to fruition within the past 15 years. More recently, it has spawned high-tech companies that create novel materials and devices for a range of applications in sectors such as energy, water, healthcare and electronics.

You could find yourself working in the R&D division of a major high-tech company such as Philips, ASML, DSM or Shell. Alternatively, you could become part of a small spin-off company developing new materials, technologies or products in the field of nanotechnology. A number of companies working in this sector have their roots in MESA+.

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