Transferringfrom HBO to Mechanical Engineering 

Get support in choosing a master's

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree from a university of applied sciences (Dutch HBO) or university, you do not automatically meet all our admission requirements. In order to enter the Master's in Mechanical Engineering, you will have to complete a pre-master's first. The goal of this transition programme is to bring your knowledge up to the required level.

Admissible Bachelor degrees

Whether or not you are admissible to the (pre-)master’s programme depends on your bachelor’s. Students with degrees in the following programmes related to Mechanical Engineering are admissible:

If you have completed one of these programmes, you can apply for admission. If you have another Bachelor's Degree, our admission committee will conduct an individual assessment procedure to determine whether or not you have sufficient basic qualifications to enter the pre-master's in Mechanical Engineering. You can also check the transfer possibilities on

Brush up on English and Mathematics

Before starting with the pre-master's, we advise you to freshen or brush up your knowledge of English and Mathematics. This is because the Master's in Mechanical Engineering is taught in English and in-depth expertise level in Mathematics is indispensable. Additional courses can be taken at, for example, Babel and Boswell Bèta or the Open Universiteit.


You can start the pre-master's during or after your bachelor's. The application procedure and deadlines depend on the study route of your choice. 

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