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Research: the Human Media Interaction research group

The Chair of Human Media Interaction is the main research group responsible for the Master’s in Interaction Technology. Its activities focus on multimodal interaction: from brain-computer interfaces to social robots. Working at the interface between computer science and the social sciences, the group investigates, designs and evaluates novel forms of human-computer interaction. 

  • A multi-modal serious game with intelligent virtual characters. A game for the training of social skills of police officers (improving their social awareness). Players of the game have to resolve a conflict with a group of loitering juveniles; they interact with virtual characters (the juveniles) in a 3D environment using a full-body immersive virtual reality system.
  • The Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide: turns autonomous outdoor robots into viable location-based service providers.
  • A tactile sleeve for social touch: What are the effects of mediated social touch? When two persons both wear a sleeve, a touch to the sleeve of one person is felt as a vibration on the sleeve of the other person. This way, the tactile sleeve for social touch enables two people to touch each other over a distance.
  • Mixed reality technology to enhance dining experiences: exploring the use of mixed reality technology to digitally (using visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile stimuli) enhances the experience of consuming food and beverages.
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