Research related to the Master’s in Industrial Design Engineering can be found within a variety of research groups:

Design, production and management

Within Design, production and management:

  • Design Engineering: The research of the Design Engineering group focuses on understanding and improving design processes.
  • Product Design:The research of the Product Design group is aimed at making new technology available for users. It studies the design and embodiment of human-product relations, on different levels of abstraction. From the influence of innovative technology on society to the individual experience of persuasive products.
  • Packaging Design and Management: The research of the Packaging Design & Management group is divided into several theme’s that spans from more technology oriented subjects like packaging lines and material studies to more behavioural subjects on consumer insights and usability.
  • Production Technology: The research of the Production Technology group (PT) focuses on the developing of methods for the optimization of manufacturing processes and the resulting product performance.
  • Surface Technology and Tribology: The Surface Technology and Tribology group develop experimentally validated models for predicting friction and wear and to transfer the obtained knowledge into society at an (inter)national top level. Research focuses on the interaction of surfaces.
  • Maintenance Engineering: The research of Maintenance Engineering focuses on improving the maintenance of technical systems, using research into design methods, physical failure mechanisms, structural health & condition monitoring, reliability engineering, advanced planning methods and maintenance management.

Applied Mechanics

Within Applied Mechanics:

  •  Structural Dynamics & Acoustics: The research of the group aims at generation of new, fundamental knowledge by combining numerical and experimental techniques. Based on this knowledge engineering tools are validated and made ready for application in key industrial problems. A characteristic feature of all themes is the innovative use of advanced numerical simulation methods in a design environment.

Biomechanical Engineering

Within Biomechanical Engineering:

  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Design of Biomedical Products
  • Implant Biomechanics

The Biomechanical Engineering group (BME) is specialized in the application area of Biomedical Technology. The research aims focuses on the interaction between the human motor system and medical devices that support this system. The result of this research is applied in the development of innovative devices.

Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Within Engineering Fluid Dynamics:

  • Research of the Group Engineering Fluid Dynamics deals with theoretical, numerical and experimental studies, all aimed for applications in Mechanical Engineering.

Thermal Engineering

Within Thermal Engineering:

  • The research in the laboratory is concerned with questions related to industrial applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat and mass transport. Using a combined approach of theoretical analysis, numerical calculations and experimental investigations, the department aims to develop new or advanced knowledge for application in industrial design.
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