Land administration

Learn to use cadastral intelligence for designing and applying responsible land administration solutions

Land is at the basis of all societies. A healthy land administration means secure land tenure, and efficient land markets and land development. In the process it contributes to developing and supporting local economies as well as reducing poverty and helping to avoid related disputes. Unfortunately, less than a quarter of the world’s countries maintain a complete land administration system. Would you like to be a change agent helping countries achieve and sustain societal stability and prosperity? Then ITC’s specialization in Land Administration is your perfect choice. 

With our courses we will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to design and apply responsible land administration solutions to address real life challenges. To this end we take a multi-disciplinary approach, with considerable emphasis on land information systems. For your MSc research you’ll have the option of joining forces with dedicated ITC research group PLUS.

Upon graduation land sector agencies as well as local and international NGOs will be very interested in your services as a land professional. You could also become a private practitioner or opt for an academic future.

Overview courses

Specialization Land Administration

  • Land Information Systems (LIS) and Models (7 credits)
  • Organizational Change and Innovative Services in Land Administration (7 credits)
  • "Responsible land Administration" (7 credits)
  • Spatial Data Techniques (7 credits)

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