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Geo-information is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing tools can be used for solving real-world problems and complex issues concerning health care, food security, climate, water, urban planning, security and land scarcity. The uses are many and various and to some extent have already unobtrusively entered our daily lives. Formerly geo-information and GIS techniques were mainly used by governments, ministries, research institutes, provinces and municipalities. In recent years, however, they have expanded into all organizations where spatial information plays an important role − from public service corporations and telecommunications companies to water authorities and retailers. Skilled personnel with the appropriate expertise are needed to effectively manage the information and opportunities provided by these new technologies. A degree in geo-information science and earth observation enables you to put your skills and expertise to excellent use − and it offers attractive career perspectives!

Our courses

ITC offers a wide selection of courses in its degree, diploma an certificate programmes in geo-information science and earth observation. Courses are offered in the Netherlands, online and abroad by ITC itself or ITC in collaboration with reputable qualified education organizations (joint courses). Our courses aim at providing in-depth study of a particular set of problems in developing countries and emerging economies. They attract young and mid-career professionals with an interest in development-related issues.