Financing your studies

Get support in choosing a master’s

After you're admitted to a Master's, you need to make sure you can finance your studies

Being a student costs money. There are different types of financial aid you might qualify for. 

For Dutch students

If you are a Dutch national and if you are under the age of thirty you may qualify for student finance.  

For international students

If you are not a Dutch national, but you are living in the Netherlands, it is possible to qualify for Dutch student finance in certain situations, depending on your residence permit or nationality. Read more about Dutch student finance.

Find your scholarship
Scholarship finder
Prospective master's students can use our guided chat conversation to gather information about scholarships, the tuition fee, deadlines, and visa/residence permit information. For most scholarships, you first need to have fully completed the UT application procedure. External scholarship providers may have different procedures, so please check them carefully.

Applying for a scholarship

The University of Twente offers excellent students the possibility to enrol in the master’s with a scholarship. These scholarships vary from government grants to funding by organisations or private persons. In addition, faculties and the University of Twente Scholarship Foundation (UTS) offer a limited number of scholarships to excellent students.

When do I apply for a scholarship?

For most University of Twente affiliated scholarships, you need to have fully completed the UT application procedures before applying for the scholarship! Because of strict deadlines, you are required to apply for admission to the master’s at least two months before the scholarship deadline. External scholarships have their own rules - so check them carefully.

Start by gathering information from your own Ministry of Education or Department of Education as they may have details about scholarship or bursary opportunities for students wishing to study overseas. 

It is recommended to send out multiple funding applications as soon as possible. A scholarship application is a procedure totally separate from the application to be admitted to a master’s programme and is entirely your own responsibility. The University of Twente plays no part in the process of securing a scholarship.

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