If you hold a Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university other than the University of Twente or are currently studying to obtain your Bachelor’s degree at such an institute, there are two ways to gain admission to our Master’s programmes. If your Bachelor’s degree involved studying all the relevant subjects to the required level, you will be able to join the Master’s programme directly. If not you can gain admission after completing a pre-Master’s programme. 

The following admission requirements apply to the Master’s programme in Educational Science and Technology:

  1. If you have a degree in the humanities or technical sciences, you will probably have to take the full 30-credit pre-Master’s programme to gain sufficient knowledge of educational science and social-science research methods and techniques.
  2. If you have a degree in social or behavioural sciences you will probably have sufficient knowledge of social-science research methods and techniques. You will therefore be granted an exemption from those pre-Master’s classes but will still be expected to take the remaining 15 credits of courses in educational science.
  3. If you have a degree in educational science or pedagogy, this will grant you direct and unconditional access to the EST Master’s programme. 


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