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Can I transfer from my current BSc programme to a UT MSc programme? 

transfer with UT bachelor to UT master

If you are currently studying to obtain your bachelor’s or master's degree at the University of Twente and you want to transfer from the bachelor’s programme or after your initial master's to a UT master’s programme, there are two possible procedures.

Direct or indirect transfer

Find out if you can transfer directly or indirectly to the master’s programme of your choice with your University of Twente bachelor’s degree.

How to proceed?

Procedure 1  - You enrol directly

You can enrol in a master’s programme directly if it has a direct link with your initial bachelor's (or master's)  programme. For example, you may transfer from a Business Administration Bachelor’s programme to our Business Administration Master’s programme.

How to apply

Procedure 2 -  You enrol indirectly

If you have a Bachelor’s (or Master's) degree from the UT that has no direct link with the Master’s programme of your choice, you may be required to take a pre-Master’s programme. You can follow this programme during or after your Bachelor of Science programme at the UT. For example, the Psychology Bachelor’s degree has no direct link with the Business Administration Master’s programme, but you can enrol in the Master’s if you successfully complete your pre-Master’s.

How to apply

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