Programme Structure

Factsheet Communication Studies

Programme overview

Program start and application deadline
Program start
1 September 2016
1 February 2017
1 September 2017
1 February 2018
Admission deadline
1 July 2016 (EU) 1 May 2016 (non-EU)
1 December 2016 (EU) 1 October 2016 (non-EU)
1 July 2017 (EU) 1 May 2017 (non-EU)
1 December 2017 (EU) 1 October 2017 (non-EU)
Admission requirements
Academic degree
Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Bedrijfskunde, Bedrijfskunde MER, Bestuurskunde, Bestuurskunde/Overheidsmanagement, Biomedical Technology, Business & IT, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Commerciële Economie, Communicatie, Communicatiesystemen, Communication Science, Communication and Multimedia Design, Creative Technology, Electrical Engineering, European Public Administration, Health Sciences, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering and Management, Informatiedienstverlening en -management, International Business Administration, International Business and Languages, International Business and Management Studies, Journalistiek, Mechanical Engineering, Media en Entertainment Management, Media, Informatie en Communicatie, Psychology, Technical Computer Science, Technical Medicine, University College Twente (ATLAS)
Previous Education
Bachelor's degree in social sciences, incl. domain-specific knowledge and proficiency in social sciences research techniques and methodology.
Knowledge Minimum
Proficiency in mathematics (Mathematics A1, 2 or B1 Phase II) and English-language at pre-university level. Please be aware that it is most probable the admission committee advices to follow a pre-master trajectory of one semester.
Tuition fees 2013 / 2014
full-time, statutory tarif
€ 1.835
Tuition fees 2017 / 2018
full-time, statutory tarif
€ 2.006
full-time, institutional
€ 11.250
full-time, non-EU/EER tarif
€ 11.250
Tuition fees 2018 / 2019
full-time, institutional
€ 11.500
full-time, non-EU/EER tarif
€ 11.500
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