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Communication Studies

Are you interested in joining the master’s programme in Communication Studies (CS) upon completion of your bachelor’s degree? In a number of cases you might be required to complete a pre-master’s programme first.

What is a pre-Master's programme?

The pre-Master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme for higher professional education (HBO) or university education bachelor's programme students who wish to obtain a university master's degree, but who cannot be admitted directly. Students with a related previous education will gain the knowledge and skills needed for participation in the Master’s. Once you’ve successfully completed the pre-master's programme, you’ll be granted admission to the Master’s programme in Communication Studies (CS).


For HBO students

The pre-master’s programme Communication Studies is worth 30 credits, which is the equivalent of half an academic year (1 semester) of full-time study.The programme gives you a firm foundation in domain specific (Communication Studies) courses and courses in research methods and statistical analysis which you will need to conduct independent research as part of your master’s programme. It contains the following courses: mathematics (10 ECs), academic skills and introduction to research (10 ECs) and domain related courses (10 ECs).

Courses Pre-master's programme

Block 1a

  • 201300063 - Research Methodology and Descriptive Statistics - 5EC
  • 192470410 - Communication Science - 5EC
  • 201400328 - Academic Writing Pre-master COM - 5EC                                          

Block 1b

  • 201300064 - Inferential Statistics - 5EC
  • 201800356 - Qualitative Research Pre-master COM - 3EC
  • 201800357 - Research Project Pre-master COM - 7EC    

For University students

The programme and study workload, or number of EC the pre-master’s programme for university students consists of, depends on your previous education and will not be the same for everyone. Pre-master’s programmes for university students range between 10-30 EC.

Start Date

For HBO students there're two terms of enrolment. You can start either in September or February. University students can start on the programme during the whole year, depending on the deficit programme needed.

You can start on the pre-master’s after completing your Bachelor’s degree or during your bachelor's degree as a transferminor. In that case you can use your minorspace to complete the pre-master's programme, thereby accelerating your ability to transfer to the master's programme.


The pre-master’s programme is taught entirely in English.


If you will be eligible for admission to the pre-master's programme in Communication Studies depends on your previous education. More information on admission.

Rules of the pre-Master’s

The pre-master’s is designed not only to address any deficiencies in your prior knowledge, but it is also an efficient way to find out whether studying at a research university in the field of Communication Studies is right for you. To this end, a couple of rules apply:We ask you to fulfil the requirements of the pre-Master’s within one year. Since 30 credits is equivalent to half a year of full-time study, this should not pose a problem. You must also earn sufficient marks with a maximum of one re-sit per course. This means you need to take the pre-master’s seriously. You cannot expect to be successful in the pre-master’s if you approach it half-heartedly: it is meant as a half-year, full-time programme of study. That said, in practice almost all motivated students complete the programme in the allotted time.


If you have any questions, please contact our Study Information Centre or send an e-mail to our studyadvisor Jeanet Luijerink

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