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If you hold or if you are currently studying to obtain your Bachelor’s degree at a Dutch university other than the University of Twente and you want to apply for one of our Master’s programmes, there are two possible procedures. You can either progress directly to the Master’s programme of your choice or indirectly by first taking a pre-master's programme.

As a student from another Dutch university, direct access to the Master’s degree programme in Communication Science will depend on the subject you have taken during your Bachelor’s programme.

  1. Students with a degree in the humanities or technical sciences typically have to take the full 30-credit version of the pre-master's programme first, as they do not possess enough background in communication and social science research methods and techniques.
  2. Students with a degree in the social or behavioural sciences do normally have the required knowledge and skills in research methods and techniques and are therefore exempted from the 15 credits of pre-master's courses on these topics. However, they may still be required to take 15 credits of courses specific to the field of communication science.
  3. Students with a degree in Communication and Information Studies have direct access to the Master's in Communication Science.  
  4. Students with a degree in communication science from the University of Amsterdam, VU, Radboud University or Wageningen University have direct access to the Master’s in Communication Science.


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