Career perspectives

As a graduate of the Master’s in Civil Engineering & Management (CEM) with a specialisation in Transport Engineering & Management, you will be in high demand. You might start a career as a consultant, traffic modeller, project manager, transport engineer, or scientist, to name a few options. You can also start up your own business. Or you can opt to further develop yourself by following a PhD- or EngD programme.

Type of degree

When you have completed this Master's with the specialisation in Transport Engineering & Management, you will receive a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering & Management. Also, you can title yourself Master of Science (MSc) or use the Dutch title Ingenieur (Ir.). Your specialisation will be mentioned specifically on your diploma supplement, highlighting your specialised knowledge and skills in the field of transport engineering and management.

Job opportunities

The field of transport engineering and management is evolving strongly, driven by many technological and economic developments. Think, for example, of the rise of electric vehicles, shared mobility systems and smart cities, but also urbanisation trends. Organisations, both industrial and governmental, are in great need of expert civil engineers and managers that can deal with the complexity of these and many more challenges related to transport and traffic. That is why you can look forward to great career opportunities. Students of this specialisation find a job very soon after graduation. In fact, it is not unusual for them to get a job offer while they are still graduating! The vast majority find employment within consultancy firms or governmental institutions. Moreover, you could also pursue a career in industry or research.

UT alumni with this specialisation currently work in various positions and organisations, for example:
  • Researcher pedestrian flows in train stations at NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)
  • Head of Department of Traffic Safety at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Business Area Director at Arcadis

There is a wide range of jobs you could fulfil after graduation. You might become an adviser, researcher or project manager at big consultancy agencies like Witteveen+Bos, Arcadis, Goudappel, or Royal Haskoning, and work on interesting cases regarding e.g. traffic safety, travel behaviour, smart mobility, traffic modelling, sustainable transport, etc. Or you might fulfil these roles within governmental bodies, like municipalities, provinces or ministries and contribute to the implementation of policies. Moreover, public transportation companies (e.g. NS, ProRail) or shared mobility start-ups will be eager to onboard you. Or what about a research career at institutions like the SWOV institute for road safety research, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Planbureau voor e Leefomgeving in Dutch), or TNO? Your career prospects are nearly endless!


Instead of pursuing a professional career right away after obtaining your Master’s degree, you can also opt for a more academically oriented career, by pursuing a PhD or EngD. An EngD programme is more practically oriented, aligned with the direct problem-solving or design needs of the industry, whereas a PhD programme is more focused on research. You can follow both types of programmes at the Twente Graduate School (TGS).


A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) involves spending four years of in-depth studying and researching in a particular area. You can do this within one of our research groups or in one of our structured PhD programmes. An integral part of a PhD is writing your PhD thesis at the end and then presenting and defending your research in public. Obtaining your PhD earns you the title of Doctor (Dr).


Other than obtaining a PhD, you can also opt to follow an EngD programme after graduation. Such a programme usually takes two years and is aimed at you becoming a high-level technological designer. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certified diploma and the academic degree Engineering Doctorate (EngD).

Start a business

Do you have a great business idea? At the University of Twente, you can turn it into reality! At UT, we highly encourage entrepreneurship. In fact, with over 1,000 start-ups to its name, UT is recognised as one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the Netherlands. Did you know that big international companies like and Just Eat Takeaway were once founded by students of UT? We are keen to put your scientific knowledge to practical use in solutions that people and society need. Your innovative ideas, creativity and the courage to put in the extra mile will be rewarded. As a catalyst for meaningful entrepreneurship, we offer you the Novel-T foundation and their start-up hub Incubase on campus.

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