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The Master’s in Civil Engineering and Management is a two-year programme worth 120 credits. An academic year is divided into four quarters with a schedule of ten weeks each. The study load for a quarter is 15 European Credits (EC).

The full-time programme is taught entirely in English and focuses extensively on both the technical and non-technical aspects of the planning, design, realization and maintenance of civil engineering projects and systems. You will be awarded a Master of Science (MSc) degree upon graduation. 

Tailor-made programme

You can tailor this programme to your own ambitions by choosing a particular profile within one of our four specializations, or tracks. Bear in mind that some restrictions may apply, depending on your educational background and previous experience. If you have an admission level qualification other than a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, you can use the free elective courses to address any deficiencies. Up to 15 credits of your programme may be devoted to this. You can set up your own individual programme with the help of your track coordinator. If you have any questions regarding the programme Civil Engineering and Management, please contact the programme coordinator. This link also guides you to contact details of other supporting staff. 

After choosing your specialization, you will be able to choose a certain profile depending on your specific interest. This will give you enormous flexibility and a wide range of courses to choose from.

Each profile consists of:

Check out the complete overview of courses on the website for current students.

Once you have passed all of the courses of the Civil Engineering and Management programme you can start on your final graduation project, which culminates in your Master’s thesis. The main objective of the MSc thesis project is to independently carry out a substantial individual research or design project in one of the sub-fields of Civil Engineering and Management at a level that is on a par with a university Master’s programme.

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