Overview of specialisations

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Which of the three specialisations suits you best?

Suppose you are working on improving energy storage systems. Which role do you want to fulfil? To contribute to the development of a new type of battery on a more fundamental level, by improving electrode materials or designing new coatings? To focus on the process of producing such batteries on a larger scale? By combining unit elements in a chemical plant to produce green hydrogen? Or to find the most suitable combination of materials for long-term and safe use of these batteries, in terms of chemical reactions but considering physical and mechanical aspects as well? These different approaches are represented within the three specialisations of this Master’s.

Your choice

Before starting with your Master’s in Chemical Science & Engineering, you need to choose one of these three specialisations. This way, by personalising your programme, you get to develop your own expertise.

Please note that the admission requirements differ per specialisation. Make sure to check the admission requirements before applying for this programme.

Chemical & Process Engineering

Process technology is a long-standing discipline in industries worldwide, with a great deal of established chemical processes in all kinds of sectors. How do you improve and adjust these processes to meet society’s needs for a more sustainable industry? In the specialisation in Chemical & Process Engineering, you will learn to understand, develop and improve chemical processes in order to convert raw materials into products that benefit our society.

Molecular & Materials Engineering

Many of today’s technological, societal challenges require new materials with specific properties, whether we are talking about advances in medicine, energy, food or transportation. The specialisation in Molecular & Materials Engineering will help you become an expert in designing, synthesising, modelling, characterising, and applying new materials and (bio)molecular structures with high-tech features.

Materials Science & Engineering

In the specialisation in Materials Science & Engineering, you will delve deeper into the multidisciplinary field of materials science, combining chemistry with applied physics and/or mechanical engineering. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the properties and behaviour of materials and assess their suitability for specific purposes in engineering and technology. This specialisation is a collaboration with the Master’s in Applied Physics and the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

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