molecular & materials engineering

The Molecular & Materials Engineering specialization focuses on the design, preparation, processing, application and analysis of novel molecules and materials with high-tech properties.

This specialization belongs to the Master's programme Chemical Engineering.

What is Molecular & Materials Engineering?

In the field of materials chemistry, this specialization explores, among others: functional organic molecules and assemblies, polymers with defined molecular and mesoscopic structures, inorganic materials ranging from membranes, nanocomposites and thin films and organometallic materials.

Key research area

Research projects in organic and supramolecular chemistry encompass the broad themes of molecular nanofabrication and biomolecular nanotechnology. These address applications in the varied directions of biosensing, solar fuels, tissue engineering, organic reactions under flow, functional and switchable nanoarchitectures, photoactive materials, virus engineering and protein cages. Current research themes in inorganic materials range from the synthesis of nanocomposites, two-dimensional materials and nanostructured materials. These materials are useful in various application areas such as photovoltaics and (photo)catalysis. Furthermore, nanoporous systems and thin films heterostructures of nanocrystalline materials for membranes, (micro)electronic and sensing applications are being explored. Research in organic materials (polymers) is dominated by nanoscale projects geared toward the controlled fabrication of complex polymeric architectures and their use in functional molecular systems (i.e. devices such as molecular motors, sensors and actuators). Other projects explore the potential of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers in tissue engineering. Another area of research involves the use of polymeric nanoparticles with customized surfaces as carriers for targeted drug or gene delivery.  

Right for you?

This specialization will be of interest to Bachelor students who want to deepen their knowledge of the field of materials science.

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