Admission / Enrolment

Transferring from
HBO to Applied Physics

Students with a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences (HBO) do not directly fulfil all the admission requirements. In order to start a Master's programme you first need to do a pre-Master's programme to bring your knowledge up to the required level.

Admissible HBO degrees

Admission to the pre-Master’s programme depends on your Bachelor’s programme. Technische Natuurkunde and Elektrotechniek are directly related to Applied Physics. If you have completed another hbo programme of which you hesitate if it is enough related, you can also apply for admission. In that case, the admission committee will conduct an individual assessment procedure to determine if you have sufficient basic qualifications in Applied Physics.


You can start the premaster during or after your bachelor's degree. The application procedure and deadlines depend on the studyroute of your choice.

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