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Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science

This specialization belongs to our Master's programme in Applied Mathematics.

This specialization focuses on fundamental and practical aspects of dynamical phenomena and computational and control aspects. You become an expert in developing and applying mathematical tools for physical en technical systems. There are four participating research chairs within the SACS cluster.

Four chairs are participating 

The research in Applied Analysis deals with the combination of modeling, analysis and simulation of problems from the natural, life and technical sciences with applications neuroscience and medical imaging.

Systems and control theory has roots in electrical and mechanical engineering. It has applications in, e.g.  econometrics, process technology and informatics.  The mathematical tools include Hilbert spaces, Bezout domains,  analytical functions, probability measures, Lie groups and Petri nets.

Computational Science focuses on the mathematical aspects of advanced scientific computing. The two main areas are numerical algorithms for the solution of partial differential equations and mathematical modeling of multi-scale.

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation focuses on the mathematical development and application of computational models for complex physics at micro- and macro scales.  The main application areas are in multi-phase flows and phase transitions, biomedical flows and tissue engineering, and self-organizing nano systems.

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