The specialisation in Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science comprises two years of study in which you will need to amass a total of 120 EC.

Year 1

In the first year you will gather 60 EC, spread out over courses in the three categories below. Besides these Applied Mathematics courses you can also choose courses offered by other master’s.

Compulsory basic courses

Not specifically linked to your specialisation, the following three courses are compulsory for all Master’s students in Applied Mathematics.

Advanced courses

The following three courses are specifically linked to your specialisation and compulsory. These courses and the compulsory basic courses combined amount to 34 EC.

Recommended elective courses

You will collect the remaining 26 EC for year 1 by following elective courses that you will choose in consultation with your coordinator. Recommended courses include:

Year 2

Your second year consists of a compulsory internship (20 EC) and your Master's assignment (40 EC). In the course of the internship, you will learn how to apply the knowledge acquired during your bachelor’s and first year of this master’s in a corporate or institutional environment. Your master’s assignment will entail you working independently on a challenging issue the solution of which requires applied mathematics.

Your internship

As an intern you will work in an environment relevant to your future as a professional. You will be collaborating with a researcher from the organisation offering the internship and find out what it’s like to be working there. Based on what you want to learn and how you see your future, you and your coordinator will determine which internship best suits your wishes. Suitable internships are available in, e.g.:

  • hospitals or medical centres such as Radboud hospital
  • research agencies such as Marin or NLR
  • large companies such as Thales, Shell or ASML
  • engineering firms such as Witteveen+Bos or Arcadis
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