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Applied mathematics

Two research groups at the University of Twente participate in the Operations Research specialization :

  • Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming is centred around four areas:  Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation & Online Algorithms, Mathematical Programming & Semi-Infinite Optimization, Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory, Game Theory, Algorithmic Game Theory, Mechanism Design
  • Stochastic Operations Research focuses on stochastic processes and mathematics of operations research, to contribute to the development of mathematics in a multidisciplinary engineering environment, and contribute to a better understanding and functioning of our increasingly complex society.

Four research groups at the University of Twente participate in the Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science specialization (SACS)

  • Hybrid Systems focuses on models to describe dynamical systems in interaction with their environment. Research areas are: control of physical systems, hybrid systems theory, control under constraints, and signal analysis. The applications in which the group is involved are e.g. control of flows, and position estimation of aircrafts.
  • Applied Analysis focuses on the thorough integration of mathematical modeling, applied analysis and numerical methods. Research areas are: wave phenomena, turbulence, aerodynamics, neuroscience, plankton dynamics.
  • Mathematics of Computational Science focuses on multiscale problems in turbulence, in complex fluids and in biology. These have applications related to generation and storage of energy, monitoring and improving health and predicting human impact on the environment.
  • Multiscale Modeling and Simulation focuses on mathematics of heterogeneous computational models for scientific and technological problems incorporating dynamics at a wide spectrum of length and time scales that characterize a specific application.

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