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What is the duration of a pre-Master's programme?

If you have been admitted to the Master's programme of your choice on  condition that you complete the corresponding pre-Master's programme, you want to know what the study load is. The study load for the pre-Master's programme depends on both the Master's programme you wish to pursue and on your previous education.

For the university of applied sciences (HBO) students

Study workload pre-master's programme and transfer minor

A pre-Master's programme for HBO students with a HBO bachelor's degree in a related subject is a set package and consists of 30 EC in most cases. Occasionally, the pre-Master's programme consists of 45 EC and the remaining 15 EC of the programme will have to be completed at the end of your Bachelor's programme if the pre-Master's programme takes the shape of a transfer minor.

As the pre-Master's programme generally consists of 30 EC it is possible to complete it in six months. The maximum period for completing the pre-Master's programme is one year. If you have not completed the programme successfully by then, you cannot participate in the Master's programme.

For university bachelor's programme students

Study workload pre-master's programme

For university Bachelor's programme students, the duration of the pre-Master's programme depends on the Bachelor's programme and the desired Master's programme. This pre-Master's programme is tailor-made; there is no fixed format, which means the EC amount can vastly differ. Your application will be assessed by the admission board after you apply for the Master's programme and you will be informed on whether or not you are eligible for the corresponding pre-Master's programme. You will also be informed about the details of the programme.

A pre-Master's programme can take between three months and a year depending on your deficiency courses, the distribution of the EC to be acquired and possible resits that need to be taken. You may already be able to take up the pre-Master's programme during your current Bachelor's programme as part of your minor. Ask the contacts of the Master's programme and your current Bachelor's programme for the available options.

You can also already check the Master's programme page of the corresponding Master's programme to see which Bachelor's programmes make you eligible, after the completion of a pre-Master's programme if necessary. The amount of EC is also listed in a number of cases.

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