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Continue with international bachelor's degree

Which (pre-)master's can I follow with my bachelor's?

Are you an international student with a bachelor's degree and are you interested in following a master's at the University of Twente (UT)? You might not be directly admissible, but in some cases, you can follow a pre-master's in order to be admitted to the master's of your choice. UT offers a wide range of (pre-)master's and specialisations in different fields, varying from engineering and natural and health sciences to behavioural and management sciences.

Do I need to follow a pre-master's?

Your admittance to a master's at UT depends on your previous education. You can either be directly admitted, rejected, or admitted on the condition that you have completed the pre-master's first. This is the case when you finished a bachelor's that is related to the field of the master's you're interested in, but did not prepare you well enough to be able to start the master's successfully. Then, it is necessary to improve certain skills or enhance the knowledge that is needed before entering the master's of your choice.

When you apply for the master's of your choice, we assess where your deficiencies lie and whether these can be remedied within a pre-master's. For that reason, the length, study load and the content of a pre-master's varies per student. The programmes may vary from 15 to 60 EC.

European Credit Transfer System

Student workload at Dutch universities is expressed in EC, also named ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), widely used throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, each credit represents 28 hours of work. The recognition of credits is at the discretion of your Master's.

Please note that every master's has its own pre-master's. If you're interested in following a master's at UT, you need to complete the pre-master's at UT as well. You can not do this at another institution. 


The costs of a pre-master's vary per situation, as it depends on the length and study load of the pre-master's. You pay a flat fee per EC.

Do the e-check

Do you want to see if you are eligible for the (pre-)master's of your choice? The admission requirements differ per master's and you can find these at the master's of your choice. You can also do the online eligibility check (e-check), which will take about five minutes to complete. Please note that this is not the official admission decision and that no rights can be derived from the outcome of the eligibility check.

For students with an international degree, it is mandatory to complete the e-check. After you have submitted your e-check you will receive an email with a code, you need to fill in this code within your application later on. 

Select your desired master's and start the eligibility check!

How do I apply?

After you've completed the mandatory e-check, and it turns out that you might be eligible, you can start your application via Studielink. You don't apply for a pre-master's directly. You always have to apply for the master's of your choice and UT will alter this to a pre-master's registration. Once you are admitted, you get access to the pre-master's automatically. For more information on admission requirements, application deadlines and other details, please take a look at the master's of your choice.

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